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Hey Val,

First of all, I feel you (*hugs).

You are both brave and generous for openly sharing about mental issues, which is no light matter and only a few could overcome without other people's help.

Second, you cared about "gettin good grades & straight As" during your student years, and at the end you eventually had some sort of an epiphany that says "never to tie one's identity to something ephemeral and external". For me, from my 18-30 I wanted to be popular among cool male friends and wished to attract lots of ladies while in fact that wasn't ME at all. So what's the point of being widely accepted by the others while you don't even accept yourself.

In other words... F*ck being famous.

Guess we both had some kind of clinginess in our teens? Well, c'est la vie.

Finally, I think it's a bit hard to make somebody realize that self discovery (aka Soul Searching) is crucial. But I guess when life hits rock bottom, that's the time when one started to think about it.

So who am I? Your crazy friend ngai la jaa eiei.

Much Love to you Val, 'til next time :)

Ps. Nuthouse? I prefer the term "Loony Bin" lol

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