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When I was young around ages 9-15, I really loved reading all kinds of books, especially comics and novels 🤣. But when I was in high schools, I read only comics. Then I was no longer a reader. I read just a few super natural fictions in Thai. I love fictions. I can say I stoped reading for awhile, wasted my time to be with friends or slide my phone.

In the past few years, I started reading again with non-fiction. It is hard until now. At the beginning of turning myself to read more, it’s hard because I was too lazy to focus and just wanted to slide my phones. After that, when I finished the first book, I was hungry to read more. For some book, I can spend all night. But some book, it is hard to continue so I just leave it, and tell myself to get back later. I think, I’m just not interested in its content.

Now, I find it easy to start and continue, because I got suggestions from you and others around me about which books are related to my interests.

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I also lost interest in reading when I got to college. Sometimes I wish I had read more for pleasure while in college. But for the past couple years I've been reading a lot of books

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